Purely Lavender Aloe Soap, 170g



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Product Description

Calming lavender essential oils soothes the senses, while the aloe based soap soothes and cleanses all skin types.

  • Lavender essential oils leave skin delightfully scented all day
  • Therapeutic-grade formulations ensure skin is gently cleansed and left moisturized
  • Aloe soap base ensures moisture and cleansing

Founded in San Francisco in 1989, Essentiel Elements offers a complete range of therapeutic spa products that contain only the highest-grade essential oils, with no mineral oils, no dyes, and no synthetic fragrances, creating a pure and coveted product that nourishes the body while awakening the senses.

It is our mission to create the purest hair and body care products on the market by using therapeutic-grade essential oils and advanced botanical ingredients. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants, herbs, and flowers, which have a wide variety of benefits in both health and beauty applications. The result is a truly efficacious formulation, rich in pure extracts to deliver powerful results. All of our formulations contain fragrances that are 100% essential oil-based to harness the power of true aromatherapy.

With a history rich in accolades, from being used in treatments at some of the most illustrious spas in the country, to features in top fashion magazines, Essentiel Elements remains one of the finest spa-grade products available today.